The SoftTrack project is aimed at streamlining the process of obtaining driving licenses through advanced technologies, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and safety on the roads. By leveraging these technologies, our primary goal is to provide a better solution to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), enabling them to issue licenses to properly trained individuals, thereby enhancing road safety. This solution not only reduces the influence of brokers or fraudulent practices but also minimizes the chances of obtaining licenses through illegitimate means.

Ultimately, the decision regarding an applicant's driving test status rests with the Regional Transport Authority (RTA). However, our system employs advanced computer-aided technology to objectively assess and confirm test results as either "PASS" or "FAIL."

Advantages of this solution include

In the last 13 years, SOFTX has established itself in the IT sector, expanding through key domestic projects. Its success stems from delivering quality work promptly and effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction. We focus on providing a range of IT services including

Automated Testing:

Eliminates manual intervention, saving time as the test vehicle can enter and exit the track seamlessly without needing any equipment attached.


Minimal hardware changes are needed when the track layout is modified, with adjustments in the solution taking less than 2 hours.

Weather Resistant:

Outdoor electronic devices meet IP66 standards, ensuring durability in heavy rains and rough weather conditions.

Vehicle Compatibility:

Works with vehicles of all sizes and shapes, delivering quality and consistent results regardless of the vehicle type.

Precise and Accurate Results:

Provides high precision, ensuring accurate test outcomes.

Continuous Testing:

Even during equipment maintenance, the track remains available for manual testing as no devices are embedded within it.

No Battery Charging:

Devices are not battery-operated, eliminating the need for manual charging.

No Special Training Required:

The entire process is automated, eliminating the need for trained professionals.

High Uptime:

With a simple process and few electronic devices involved, a 99.8% uptime guarantee is provided.

Our technology offers key advantages in effectiveness, reliability, and user-friendliness. Through biometric verification at every stage, we ensure a secure and tamper-proof mechanism, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities. Additionally, SoftTrack is cost-effective, time-saving, and hassle-free, benefiting both the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and citizens by streamlining the licensing process.

Experience SoftTrack in Action

Join us for a live demonstration to witness firsthand the functionality and benefits of our advanced technology. This demonstration will provide you with a clear understanding of how SoftTrack operates in real-time, highlighting its reliability, ease of use, and database integrity.

Innovation in Driving License Issuance

Our straightforward and practical solution utilizes specially designed electronic devices to capture and evaluate test drives accurately. With SoftTrack, the risks associated with fraudulent license acquisition are mitigated, ensuring genuine licenses are issued to qualified drivers, free from broker interference. SoftTrack is a cost-effective, globally recognized, and patent-pending technology that promotes road safety and aligns with international standards, aiming for an accident-free society and safeguarding lives.

Ensuring Genuine Licenses with SoftTrack

SoftTrack represents a pioneering solution in driving license issuance. By incorporating patented technology to accurately analyze test drives and issue licenses, we contribute to safer roads and a standardized licensing process. Through electronic tracking and storing of test drive data for 30 days, applicants can review their performance and enhance their driving skills, ultimately eliminating fraudulent practices.

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