The advancement in technology has revolutionized the education domain. The industry is gearing up rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive as a result of which education providers are striving to offer better access, facilities, convenience and flexibilities to learners and prepare them for a globally challenging environment. Moreover, they also face challenges of accomplishing tasks in a short period, towering maintenance, requirement of quick turnaround time, insufficient resources and this is why they have started looking for technology enabled solutions to address these challenges and improve teaching and learning opportunities.

SoftX is a leading name in developing IT solutions for the educational industry. We offer complete assistance to education providers on technology front which brings, perfect combination of the best pedagogical practices and tech skills under one roof. We have worked with several education providers keeping in mind their requirements and educational structure and tried to bring innovation and technology together for the benefit of young minds.

At SoftX, we have developed customized e-learning and LMS solutions that provide curriculum, content management and delivery solution to educational institutes and makes learning viable from any point around the globe. Our solutions integrate various functions that enhance learning and teaching experience, expands new avenues, adds revenue streams and makes the institute more competitive in the increasing flat world.

We, at SoftX have horizontal proficiency in developing hosted and standalone learning management solutions for the educational industry in following areas

  • Integrated portals with different sections for students, teachers and administrators
  • Content management systems for managing daily lectures, courses, knowledge checks, etc.
  • Scalable web solutions that deliver text, data, voice and video
  • Reporting and performance tracking systems
  • Live conferencing and chat support systems
  • White-boards and screen sharing applications
  • Audio and Video support systems

With our wide experience, we can deliver above solutions customized in full or part according to individual requirements that stands at par with the challenges faced today in the traditional learning process and augment complete learning management and experience.