This Project aims at obtaining the Driving License in an easier, faster and technically right way by using advanced technologies.

Our main objective is to facilitate the department with a better solution which will not only help the RTO to issue driving license to people who are trained in the right way there by making our roads more safer. This solution will also help both the RTO and the citizens by reducing or negating the interference of brokers or touts. This solution will also negate any chance for people who might try to obtain a driving license by using fraudulent methods.

Nevertheless, everything said and done, the discretion vests in the hands of the RTA Authorities to take a final call on the applicants driving test status though monitored by the advanced computer aided technology to confirm the status as PASS or FAIL.

The advantage of using this advanced technology is that it very effective and fool proof mechanism. It removes the threat of anyone obtaining a driving license in a fraudulent way because at every stage of obtaining a license, the individual has to be cleared by the biometric match. Secondly it is very economical to operate and time saving process besides being hassle free, user friendly and easy to operate.

To know, how the Advanced Technology works, we request your good self to kindly spare some of your valuable time so that we can give a demonstration so that you can get a clear idea, feel and witness the performance live in the real time environment to experience and understand its operations and functioning.

Our technology is based on tomorrow's prospect. Our product is reliable, user friendly, and provides tamper proof maintenance of database. Since the product is associated with biometric input, there is no possibility for the fraud to happen. This provides an easy method for processing of reissuing of lost or expired licenses. Our product helps to take step ahead towards the global standardisation.

SOFTX has emerged with a new home grown and patent filed solution, Soft Track (For Driving License), for the RTA in issuing license to the right person with correct test drive analysis. In doing so, it calls for a safer generation on safer roads. The path of the car undergoing the test drive is sensed electronically and saved in the server with which the success or failure of a test can be intimated to the applicant immediately without an error. The path is saved for a period of 30 days in the server and the person can login to find his flaws in driving. This enables the person to improve upon his driving techniques.

This solution is very simple and practical. As part of this solution, a specially designed electronic gadget is installed on an elevated tower to sense the test drive and generate the accurate report of the same.

The fraudulent methods of obtaining driving License are absolutely avoided. It helps the RTA to issue genuine licenses to genuine drivers. The question of interference of brokers is absolutely void. It is an effective and foolproof solution. It is reasonable, economical and globally appreciated and patent filed technology that aids in experiencing an accident free society wherein the lives of many are vested. This solution has the following advantages –

  • This solution doesn’t involve any manual intervention during the test process and hence saving time. I.e., test vehicle can seamlessly drive in and drive out the track as no gadget needs to be fixed on the vehicle.
  • It doesn’t need trained professionals as the entire process is automated
  • It provides high precision and accurate test results
  • This solution is vehicle independent and hence vehicles of all sizes and shapes are taken care providing high quality and vehicle independent test results.
  • As outdoor electronic devices are IP66 standard, they can withstand heavy rains and rough weather conditions.
  • When the track undergoes any changes, no changes are required in the hardware and only minor changes are required in the solution which takes less than 2 hours.
  • None of the devices are battery charged and hence manual charging is not required.
  • During equipment maintenance, track can still be used for manual testing as no devices are implanted within the test track.
  • 99.8% of uptime is guaranteed as the process is very simple and not many electronic devices are involved.
  • Clients
    1. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department, Calicut
    2. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department, Kannur
    3. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department, Thiruvananthapuram
    4. Kerala Motor Vehicle Department, Ernakulam (Cochin)
    5. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation, (MSRTC), Pune
    6. PSC Bose Memorial Driving School, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
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