People visit website from various devices such mobile, laptop, tablets, etc. Is your website ready for all these devices?

Responsive web design is an innovative way of adding flexibility to website pages to accommodate the viewing interface with different devices according to their screen-size. It is a smart designing technique which adapts its size as per the browser of end user's device regardless of whether it is a laptop, desktops, tablets, iPhones, iPad, or any other Smartphone. In simple terms, responsive web design is a concept of designing web pages in a way that one size fits all by fixing the proportionate pixels of the webpage for varying screen sizes.

SoftX offers responsive web designing services to make the websites compatible for both desktop and mobile devices. Our strategy involves developing styles and trimming websites to make them more accessible and device-friendly than ever before which helps you attract customers without any technical hindrances. We use technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 for implementing responsive designs that help us in adjusting webpage layouts for optimal content display for any screen size or resolution.

At SoftX, our designers have honed the right skills to provide responsive web design solutions that will resist bounce rate from your website and will save you from loosing important customers making your business run on lucrative lines.

SoftX's Responsive Design implementation comprise

  • Website analysis
  • Adding browser compatibility
  • Providing CMS independence
  • Appending quick load time

Benefits of Responsive Web design

  • No duplication of sites and pages since one size fits all
  • No need to redirect to any specific page eg. to
  • Better maintenance and performance saves time and money
  • Single SEO package for single site as no optimization required for searches based on devices
  • No site speed, server loads and maintenance issues

Since mobile browsing is slowly overtaking desktop browsing, we strongly recommend businesses to adapt responsive design for their websites.

If you too are considering responsive design as a strategy to inculcate better business opportunity and drive more customer engagement, contact us now and we will be happy to assist you.